Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load


Let your goods travel the way with utmost care via our truck facilities. More importantly the movement will be direct from the point of loading to the point of unloading which allows for faster and safer method of shipment for large volume freight.

Services Offered

The eastern region is a hub for businesses who want to grow their profits. But if you're not careful, your customers' values and ambitions will be thwarted by the lustful hunger of money-making at any cost! That's why we go out of our way here in Kolkata (and beyond) -- because it matters what kind or company someone works with; how they do business should reflect on us too.

 So whether that means full truckloads every time instead off just trying make up some false sense like everyone else does...or giving clients more than one day between pickups--whatever happens makes sure nothing goes wasted when there are people relying on us.


Our Key Features:

  • Packing and Moving Services
  • Relocation Services
  • Car Transportation Services
  • Goods Transportation Services
  • Loading Unloading Services
  • Insurance and Warehousing Services

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